J’Escapes Fitness Events

We run uniquely styled wellness events in beautiful locations. We utilise the best sites and accommodation, providers and presenters to give you a bespoke and exclusive experience. 

Thank you for your continued support

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We want to be Covid-19 responsible

Due to these uncertain times we have cancelled all of our events until our communities and government leaders deem it safe to begin gathering large groups of like-minded people together again

What we do? 

We provide engaging, fun and memorable wellness events for both corporate groups and individuals who want to enhance their mental and physical wellbeing and escape the stresses of busy everyday life

There are several ways to experience our services depending on group size, duration of time available and desired outcome

We can help you plan the perfect wellness event, and you can be as involved or uninvolved as you choose

Half Day Scavenger Hunt

We come to your workplace and utilise your local area to provide a fun, engaging and memorable way to build team culture, enhance team work and fortify communication amongst your entire team

Our scavenger hunts are unique, creative and guaranteed to have your staff talking about them for weeks. There will be smiles all round, new leaders will emerge and people's hidden talents will be discovered

There will be a sense of adventure as teams visit places they never thought existed. Collecting items, taking photos, asking questions and meeting people will all be just in a day’s work on your scavenger hunt. Let us take care of everything

Full Day Wellness Event

Utilising our network of experts we provide your staff with an itinerary full of valuable and enjoyable activities, education and segments, which will help them with stress reduction, problem solving, how to unwind and move from fight or flight to rest and digest

Our full day events are loaded with amazing presenters, content and information to grow a happy, healthy, satisfied and inspired team

We tailor our events to the desire of our clients. We can make them as physically active, or 'work related' as required

We take care of everything. You don't need to lift a finger

Two Day Wellness and Strategy


As a team, spend two full days, and an evening, forging stronger bonds as your team connects, relaxes and strategises for company success

These retreats contain some form of workplace activities such as brainstorming sessions, strategy and company goal setting, or new product launches and company specific training

We combine important workplace activities with our sprinkling of wellness, physical activity, relaxation and down time

These sessions work best during the working week, and spread across two days and one night, but can be tailored to the needs of our clients

Weekend Health Retreat

Spend two evenings and two days immersed in nature, learning and participating in fun new ways to relax, exercise and be more productive human beings

Our retreats can be scaled up or down in intensity level and number of activities depending on the desires of the client group. We can combine physical activities with workshops to any desire

The emphasis of our weekend retreats is to calm and soothe the stressed and anxious minds of busy people who need a recharge and a weekend of nourishment

We take care of all activities and workshops, as well as all meals and accommodation.

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Who we are?
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J’Escapes is the birth child of Eastern Suburbs Personal Trainers Joel Costello and Jerone Fleming, who have a combined total of 25 years in the Fitness Industry and were both elite level football players growing up. Jerone representing Aston Villa and Birmingham in the UK and Joel representing Australia in Indoor Soccer.

They established J’Escapes to help busy/ time poor people (everyone), escape their stressful lives and spend their weekend revitalising, unplugging and connecting with other amazing humans on the same path. The guys spend time educating their members on how to best adopt a balanced healthy lifestyle once they return home.

What we have done?
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Weekend Health Retreats

The J’Escapes Spring Cleanse

Govinda Valley Retreat

September 2019

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The J’Escapes Games

The Woods Farm

June 2019

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The J’Escapes Weekend Health Retreat

The Woods Farm

November 2018

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Bespoke Fitness Events
We organise and execute a wide spectrum of ‘made-to-order’ fitness events, including Health and Wellness Retreats, Workplace Conferences, Staff Team Building, Educational Seminars and Healthy Hen's Parties. We brief you on what you want, and then we take care of everything. You can be as involved, or un-involved as you like. 
Charity Fundraisers
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The J’Escapes Games - Maroubra

Fitness Fundraiser

November 2019

Joel and Jerone began working together with a string of charity fundraisers to help raise money for local grassroots charities, as they both realised that they were both incredibly passionate about helping out their community. Together they have a long term goal of creating a foundation which can help them to travel to Africa to rebuild decimated schools, houses and communities. Most recently they have helped raise over $8K for the following causes
  • Fitness For Freyja
  • The Sydney Children’s Hospital
  • One Wave Is All It Takes
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We are constantly seeking collaborations with individuals, brands and organisations that share the same ethos as we do. 
We have worked alongside people such as:
  • Luke Jacobz
  • Jacqueline Alwill
  • Charlie de Haas
  • Chibs Okereke
  • Emily Rogers
  • An le
  • Jessica Kate Herbert
  • Coby Bennett
  • Olivia Arrezolo
  • Daniel Bazergy
  • Coby Bennet
  • Jarryd Hughes
  • Jason Lee
  • Nik Toth
And the following brands
  • Chobhani
  • Moccona
  • Eimele
  • Almo Australian Almond Milk
  • Horizon Athletic Activewear
  • Cono Services
  • BioHax
  • Active Performance
  • Naked Foods
  • Remedy Drinks
  • Pic’s Peanut Butter
  • Nuzest
  • This Natural Life
  • One Pot Catering
Please feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss working together in some capacity and how we can help you in anyway
If you have more questions that are not in her
Please Email Us